veTools v0.2

So… what is basically veTools?

veTools (virtual enhanced Tools) is a module for PowerCLI which implement lots of automation for your virtual environment based on vSphere.

in addition I’ve included scripts for working with vCloud director.

the rules are simple:

  • There are mandatory and optionally parameters.
  • for ease of use, to work with arrays/tables just write down csv and send it’s path. the functions will do the rest.
  • help included by using get-help for veTools functions.
  • include reports with an option to create excel files (xlsx files).
  • joins objects of vCloud director and vSphere together to bring more transparent picture a about your environment.
  • I’ve collected some scripts from web and written by myself, and collected them together into 2 files:
    • psm – module which have the source code.
    • psd – definition such as global constants.

this module is free and open source, so use it and enhancements are always welcome 🙂

In order to download the code you can use Subversion to checkout in read only mode the code:

svn checkout vetools-read-only
 Also, you can view the code in the following link:

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