Ubuntu Desktop DNS client Expalined

Ubuntu manage its network connections through Network Manager.

Network Manager manages:

  • DHCP client
  • DNS client (resolv.conf which refers to dnsmasq local cache service)
  • Interface connections (instead of ifup/ifdown)

When you try to read resolv.conf file you will always see that it directed to – this is dnsmasq service.

when Network Manager runs, it also run dnsmasq by default (you can see that in “ps aux | grep dnsmasq”.

To enable/disable dnsmasq cache change the file /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf


to see which are your dns servers run nm-tool.

the dnsmasq service gets dns servers from dhcp.

if you want to create custom configuration file you can read the properties in “man dnsmasq”

the package is called dnsmasq-base.


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